How to view feed participants and their attributes

To view feed participants:
  1. Choose the feed on the left sidebar.
  2. Under the feed description, click an icon with small arrows to open the Participants section.
  3. You will see two categories of Participants: those with "View" and "Update" permissions. Each participant can belong to one or more categories.

What do different sets of attributes mean?

If someone has both "View" and "Update" attributes:
This means he/she will contribute regular updates to the feed and will view all updates from other feed participants.

If someone has "View" attribute only:
This means he/she will view all updates from all participants of this feed. This person won't be able to add any updates to the feed but will be able to comment updates from other participants.

If someone has "Update" attribute only: 
This means that he/she will receive regular reminders (if configured) and add updates. If this person does not have "View" attribute, he/she won't see updates from other contributors. Common use cases for this attribute are 1) one-on-one feeds with personal information provided by each contributor to their manager or 2) feeds that contain information specific to selected users - to decrease information overload and overall level of noice for other users.

If you are a feed admin, check this page to learn how to change user attributes for a feed.

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