What is Status widget and how to use it?

What is Status widget?
Status widget is a unique and easy way to share updates from a status feed with your website visitors using small pop-up notifications displayed at the bottom left corner of a webpage. 

Use Status widget to:
- engage visitors of your website by sharing updates about new products and services;

- timely publish status announcements (for example about planned maintenance);

- increase engagement by providing fresh information about promotions and discounts;
- increase sales with cross-promotions by placing links to other relevant products;
- increase conversions by sharing new user reviews for services and products;
- increase time spent on your blog by updating readers about latest articles (or cross-promoting related articles);
- build loyalty by timely updating your customers about any changes such as holiday work hours, delivery areas, new locations, new contact information, etc.;
- share company news on a company website or provide mass notifications to the visitors of a company's intranet portal (webpage can be public (internet website) or internal (such as intranet webpage));
- connect third-party web apps to your status feed and share automatic status updates about new sign-ups, purchases, successfully closed support tickets and other events with your website visitors.

How does it work?
As soon as you connect status feed to a specific webpage by adding status widget tag, visitors of that webpage will see a small pop-up notification for every update which you or your teammates published on that feed. 
- You can connect different status feeds to different webpages (even on the same website) thus segmenting relevant information. 
- You can also connect multiple webpages to the same status feed.

By default status widget rotates last 60 updates one by one (can be configured as any number from 1 to 1000).

Who can update Status widget?
To share new information with visitors of your webpage login to status.net and add a new update to the connected feed. 
Visitors will automatically see new information through a pop-up notification when they visit a webpage linked to that specific feed.
If you want your team members to add updates, invite them to the status feed as contributors (make sure they have "can update" rights).
Feel free to use text, images, GIFs, emoticons and links to enrich user experience.

Who can activate Status widget?
Only feed admins can activate status widgets to make their feeds public.
Please note that activating Status widget will not display the widget on your website automatically. You will need to copy Widget Tag and insert it into your webpage's settings to show your feed's content on that webpage.
Do I need to know how to code to use Status widget?

No you don't. You or anyone who has access to your website's settings can easily add Status widget with a few clicks. 

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