How to add Status widget to WordPress website: Option 1

There are two options where you can add Status widget to a WordPress website. The first option is by copying and pasting the widget tag directly to the header.php or the index.php.

Step 1: Copying the Status widget tag

In order to add a Status widget to a Wordpress website, you must first have to find and copy the Status widget tag from your Status account.

Step 2: Adding the Widget tag to WordPress header.php or index.php
  1. Once you've copied the Status Widget tag, head over to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor.
  2. In the Theme Files menu located at the right, look for the Theme Header (header.php) and open the file by clicking on it.
  3. Now, paste the Status widget tag just below the closing '</head>' tag and click on 'Update file' to save the changes you've made.

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