How to check if Status widget tag has been added successfully

In order to know whether the Status widget tag has been added successfully or not, we need to check if it's present in the page source.

Step 1: Viewing the Page Source
  1. Open your website on a Google Chrome browser.
  2. Right click anywhere on your page and select 'View Page Source' from the menu.
  3. The page source will open on a new tab.
Step 2: Finding the Status widget tag
  1. Open the search bar by pressing 'CTRL + F' keys on Windows or 'CMD + F' keys on Mac for a quicker way to search the widget tag.
  2. Type in '' in the search bar and hit the 'Enter' key. If the widget tag is properly installed on your page, you will be able to see the code similar  to the image below.

If you are not able to see the widget tag, that means that it is not properly installed. You may have to reinstall the widget tag on your website.
Note: Make sure that there is only one instance of the Status widget tag installed on your webpage or it will not work properly.

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