How do I manage my space members?

You can always manage your team members through Space Members Settings. Through this page, you can add or remove a space member, and update any space member's permissions to control how they participate in your space.

Add a New Space Member

  1. Select your space on the sidebar.
  2. Click settings icon > Manage Space.
  3. Click Add Members
  4. You'll be directed to the Manage Space Members page. Click Add Members
  5. If this user is already registered on Status, enter their name, or username. 
  6. If this user is not yet registered on Status, enter their email address.
  7. You then need to determine what permissions you want this user to have by:
    • Leaving the check box un-checked if you want to assign this user to be a Member.
    • Checking the check box if want to assign this user to be an Observer.
  8. Click Add.
  9. The user that you've invited will be added to your Invitations list. 
  10. The user will also receive an email letting them know that you've invited them to your space.
  11. When the user accepts your invitation, you will receive an email notifying you of their acceptance.
  12. The user will be moved to the Members or Observers list once they accept your invitation, depending on the permissions you set for them. 

Add Multiple Space Members

  1. Select your space on the sidebar.
  2. Click settings icon > Manage Space Members.
  3. Click Add Members
  4. Click the 'Want to add many people at once?' link.
  5. Enter all the email addresses of your team members, separated by commas. 
  6. Set their permissions.
  7. Click Add.

Remove a Space Member

  1. Select the user (either on the Members or Observers list) that you intend to remove.
  2. Click the Remove selected members icon.

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