Add updates to a recurrent feed

A Recurrent Feed is a feed that requires its participants to post periodic updates. Every Recurrent Feed has its own update cycle that is defined by its creator. Contributors (people added to "Can Update" section of the feed) receive regular reminders to update the feed according to its recurrence settings.

Update a Recurrent Feed

A recurrent feed has a countdown displayed on the feed sidebar and feed header, showing feed participants a permanent reminder of their next update's due date. Feed participants will also receive an email 3 hours before the set recurrence time reminding them to post their updates.

  1. Select your name, or team, on the sidebar.
  2. Click Timeline.
  3. Select the recurrent feed for which you want to post an update.
  4. Create a draft of your update in the text area below the feed header.
  5. Click Update.
    Note: If you post your update before the due date, your feed header will be updated with the due date for the next cycle.

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