What different permissions can members have in a feed?

The Feed owner is the person who created the feed. They have both permissions: Can Update and Can View.

Feed participants are those who collaborate on the feed. When they were invited or subscribed to the feed, they were given permissions by the Feed owner, determining what actions they can perform: 

  • Participants with the Can Update permission will be able to post updates on the feed, and leave comments on their updates. However, they will only be able to see their own updates; they will not be able to see other participants' updates. 
  • Participants with the Can View permission will be able to view all updates posted by other feed participants and comment on them. They will not be able to post any updates of their own.
  • Participants with both the Can Update and Can View permissions will be able to perform all activities on the feed. They can post updates, comment, and view all feed updates.

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